I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland and a Student Research Affiliate at the Maryland Population Research Center. I have a background in applied microeconomics, econometrics, program evaluation, and causal inference using experimental and quasi-experimental research methods.

I am on the 2021-22 job market, and will be available for interviews at the ASSA Annual Meeting and the EEA Job Market Meeting.

My research interests are in development economics, population and household economics, and gender disparities in developing countries. My job market paper, supported by an AAUW dissertation fellowship, evaluates the impact of women’s inheritance reforms on fertility and child mortality in India.

Over the past few years I have worked on a variety of projects including energy economics research at the World Bank, food policy research at the World Wildlife Fund, designing a health policy evaluation strategy for a results-based financing project in Liberian hospitals, and identifying predictors of permanent housing for homeless families at the University of Washington eScience Institute.

Contact: ibnatf@terpmail.umd.edu